Why is Omnichannel Customer Experience so important?

Why is Omnichannel Customer Experience so important?

Let’s break it down for you: “Omnichannel” means available and compatible on every channel, such as mobile, desktop, etc. “Customer Experience (CX)” refers to the totality of a customer’s cognitive, sensory, and behavioral responses, perceptions, and experiences from interacting with the brand’s services, products, websites, or any digital or physical format. This experience is spread […]

Customer Experience: The Key to Success

Customer Experience - The Key to Success

Research conducted by American Express has revealed that 90% of customers are ready to spend more to have a better experience. Similarly, the Temkin Group has also published a report stating that companies earning $1 billion per year can make an additional $700 million in just 36 months after making appropriate investments in customer experience. […]

Wirality Media Marketing Agency Paving Efficient Creativity With Meaningful Data

About Wirality Media Online platforms have played a crucial role in connecting brands with their customers. Wirality is an independent agency that helps brands realize business outcomes by deploying strategy, creativity, and data to solve marketing problems for the largest brands in the country. Their clientele confirms that they are one of the most sought-after […]

The Marketing Firm Raising CX Levels With Market Insights

The digital marketing agency is a full-service digital solutions agency from the Wunderman Thompson Network and part of the WPP Group. They are one of the most sorts after digital marketing agencies, and that’s clearly testified by the clientele they work with. Digital marketing agencies have been extremely instrumental in bringing brands and their customers […]

Consumer Electronics Enterprise Providing Top-Notch UX Using Social Data

The Consumer Electricals Enterprise manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer products, ranging from fans, lamps, and luminaries to pumps and household appliances. The company has a strong dealer base across the country with a wide service network offering robust after-sales service to customers. They have a nationwide distributor network of more than 3,000 […]

The Digital Agency Leveraging Market Insights

The Digital Agency Leveraging Market Insights

A marketing agency that is here to help brands discover their purpose as fellow humans and do things of importance, establishing a new type of connection between brands and their followers. Their line of work is to promote effective digital transformation.  They accomplish this by offering a variety of services, including marketing, design, strategy, and […]

How A Telecom Entity Regulates The Industry With Social Listening

Telecom services are widely recognized as an important tool for a nation’s socio-economic development, and so telecom infrastructure is viewed as a crucial component in achieving socio-economic goals in India. As a result, initiatives to promote the spread of telecommunications services have been implemented. Digitization Digital technology is being integrated into all telecommunications companies’ products […]

Social Listening: Can Porter’s Five Forces Help Determine Brand Impact?

Social Listening: Can Porter's Five Forces Help Determine Brand Impact?

As more organizations emerge, close-knit competition has become unavoidable. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, social listening or social media listening is an important skill to master.  In the age of social media, brands have begun reaching out to customers through social networking sites. About 51% of brands have already started utilizing social listening, […]

Why Is Marketing Automation Incomplete Without Social Listening?

Why Marketing Automation Is Incomplete Without Social Listening

At the beginning of 2020, the amount of social media users stood at 3.8 billion, which means roughly every other individual has a social media profile. Monitoring them gives marketers access to a plethora of information they share every day on the web. With so many people accessing the web, it also results in a […]