Konnect Insights with Salesforce

For a truly omnichannel approach to your CXM

Why Integrate?

Integrate your social and web data with your CRM to achieve a truly omnichannel approach to you Customer
Experience Management

Get data from all social and web channels

What you Achieve

Sync Status

Seamless Sync for Status Messages

  • Proper reflection of status messages such as "resolved" or "closed" of tickets between both platforms
  • Agents can work in complete sync being updated on any status change owing to the action taken in Salesforce

Object Mapping

Acheive field object mapping

  • Object and field mapping between Konnect Insights and Salesforce
  • Capture all information in the format of Salesforce (ex. contact -> phone no., ticket -> case, ticket date -> case origin)
  • Mapping done for all possible fields and objects

Automation Rules

Create rules to automate pushing tickets

  1. Define criteria to send tickets from Konnect Insights to Salesforce
  2. Multiple parameters can be set such as:
    • Media
    • Sentiments
    • Keywords
    • Countries
    • Followers count

Respond to Tickets

Respond to tickets from Konnect Insights within Salesforce

  • Respond to tickets from Salesforce which are generated from Konnect Insights
  • Create cases in Salesforce for these tickets, and track the progress of the support
  • All tickets in one platform for a centralized response management

Send Tickets

Send social media tickets to Salesforce

Seamlessly send tickets between Konnect Insights and Salesforce to truly unify your customer experience management

Send Contacts

Send contacts to Salesforce

  • Seamlessly send contacts between Konnect Insights and Salesforce and get "One View of the Customer" irrespective of the platform they are being serviced from.

'One View Of the Customer'

Integrating with Salesforce saves time and effort for the support agents, simplifies communication, and allows your agents to collaborate with teams in your organization in a streamlined fashion.

Better customer relationships starts here

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