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The Airline Industry as we know is a highly competetive market. Brands have realised that diffrentiating from the competition is not possible just on the basis of cost. It has become very crucial to deliver world class experiences at every stage of the customer journey, especially on digital channels. With the pandemic behind and the travel industry taking off, it is time for airlines to capitalise on the favourable market conditions. A deep understanding of the industry will help brands take the right decisions. Checkout how some of the leading brands in this domain perform from the consumers' perspective.

FMCG- Beverages

The demand for FMCG has always been on the rise owing to growing population and the necessity to meet their needs. Moreover the channels to reach customers have increase. All this and many other factors have led to an new players entering the market on a daily basis. For market leaders this means to be able to up their game as it is less about the brand and more about the customers' perferences. And to effectively do that they have to adapt and innovate to grab attention and sustain. Here are some reports that give a good grasp of the some major brands and their KPIs.

Q Commerce

The past couple of years have led to many innovations and evolutions and Q commerce has been one of the biggest. In fact it has become a revolutionary model that has necessitated that even the biggest brands in the market need to be able to deliver on this. Having said that, being a farely new industry, the brands in this domain need to be able to understand the pulse of the market and track the sentiments that influence the industry as a whole. Let's look at how some players in this market are competing.


Food and beverages is by far the most exciting industry as it is connected to the emotions of the consumers. To that effect this industry has seen many kinds of innovations, right from recipes to related services. On top of that, health preferences and other factors are constantly influencing consumer behaviour. The market has organised and unorganised players and that requires big brands to be on top of their game/ A single bad review or an unsatisfied customer can permanently damage the brands reputation and there are umpteen reasons for crises to crop up. Here are some insights on how some well-known brands are navigating through customer expectations.


The insurance sector is one of the most important industry when it comes to boosting the economy of a country. There are many reasons why consumers go for insurance(s) and there can be emotional decisions that drive them to do so. The insurance sector is also very complicated especially for consumers and therefore the need to inform and educate them while being able to use the opprotunity to generate more sales for the business. And when it comes to claims, every brand must face their share of concers and issues, which can also balloon into crises quickly. In this dashboard you can get a glimpse of some of the major KPIs that are driving the insurance industry when it comes to marketing and CX.


The cosmetic Industry is a highly saturated and competitive one. Market leaders have realized that positive customer experiences are the best way to advertise their products. It is crucial for brands to track their brand sentiments along with the performance of their marketing campaigns to ensure positive brand impression. Check how some brands have set up dashboards to ensure positive customer sentiments


Edtech has emerged to be a powerful means of enabling users to learn and upskill and even get an edge. With the emergence of edtech, traditional players have also had to rethinnk their strategies to be able to connect with the users better and stay relevant and adhere to the trends. With boundaries for education collapsing due to various players in the market offering certifications through collaborations, there have also been challenges effectng the brands, that have triggered consumers to research and decide the course and the provider they want to go ahead. Look at some of the conversations and metrics related to the edtech industry by looking at some leading players.


The banking industry runs on customer trust and what better way to instill trust than a positive CX. brands in this industry need to ensure the CX being extended to their customers in unparalled in the industry to not only ensure customer retention but also attract prospects. Lets have a look at how consumer insights can enabled brands to provide higher levels of CX


Trends in the Fashion industry as we know are the most dynamic. Market Insights have ptoved to be a valuable source of data to gauge and analyze current trends as well as forecast future trends in the industry. using this data, brands can understand what the consumer like and what puts them off. lets look at how some of the brands have utilized data from industry dashboardsto be on up to date with market needs and sentiment.

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