Konnect Insights Rewind 2022

Konnect Insights Rewind 2022

2022 has been an eventful year for all of us at Konnect Insights. Right from a growing team to advanced features coming in the product to our own flagship events, this year has been exciting.

Evolving from an online reputation management and social listening tool to a unified omnichannel customer experience management platform for brands and businesses, Konnect Insights has successfully assisted over 1K brands in better understanding their customers, and competitors and becoming customer-centric in the true sense, while also being able to achieve their ROI.

So here is our Rewind of 2022, looking back on all the accomplishments we’ve made last year and what to expect in 2023…

4 Pillars of Unified Customer Experience Management

4 Pillars of Unified Customer Experience Management

A concept created by Konnect Insights based on our experience while working with many brands. To be truly customer-centric, a brand needs to listen to customer feedback on social media, the web, emails, offline touchpoints, call centers, and chatbots (the first 2 pillars), evaluate and understand that data using analytics and CRM (the 3rd pillar), and act on that data by using social media publishing and marketing automation (the 4th pillar).

Here’s a recap of some of the revolutionary features that our customers’ leveraged for better productivity, ROI, and removing silos:


Konnect Insights automation enables brands to set up automated responses to respond to common customer queries that come up. The level 1 (L1) responses can be sent out automatically according to the situation.

Advanced and smart automation with Konnect Insights has been successfully used by some of the leading brands to elevate their Customer Experience to new heights while also ensuring better optimization of time and resources.

20 Use Cases of Automation

We have 20 use cases on how Konnect Insights’ automation can be used.

  • First Response Acknowledgment: An automated acknowledgment response can be sent to the users writing to you for the first time.
  • Context-Based Automation: If any user enquires about ‘the price’ of the product, an automated response can be sent to them with the relevant details.
  • Auto Replies During Business Hours: Auto replies can be sent to conversations that are received only during business hours.
  • Auto Replies During Non-Business Hours: For any conversations received during non-business hours, an automated response can be sent saying we shall get back to you within working hours.
  • Auto Replies During Non-Working Days: For any conversations received during non-business days, an automated response can be sent saying we shall get back to you within working hours.
  • Auto Response Via DM: If any user has written publicly, for example, a tweet, you can send an automated response to the user via DM.
  • Follow-up Response and Closure: If a user did not get back within a certain time, a follow-up response can be automated to that user and the ticket can be closed.
  • Auto-Classify and Closure: If a brand is running a campaign post and wants to automatically tag and close comments, it can be done through automation.
  • Asking for contact details: An automated response can be sent to the user asking for his/her contact details if they’ve not shared it earlier.
  • Multi-Response Automation: If a user is asking for price details on your brand post, you can send an auto-response via dm as well as a response to the user’s query stating you have shared the details in their inbox
  • Google My Business Rating Automation: Auto response can be sent only when your brand has been rated on GMB.
  • Automated Usage of Multiple Drafts for Replies: You can set up multiple and varied draft responses to respond to similar kinds of queries/comments.
  • Sentiment-Based Automation: If any customer is writing positively about a brand, an automated response can be set to acknowledge and appreciate those conversations.
  • Follower-Based Auto Responses: If any user has followers greater than a specific number, an automated response can be sent to him/her.
  • Auto-Close Resolved Tickets: If any ticket is under resolved status it can be automatically closed after a defined time period.
  • Severity-Based Automation: If any conversation has been marked as high severity, it can be addressed immediately through an automated response.
  • Exact Match Auto Responses: If users are writing only ‘Hi’ then an automated response can be sent specifically to those conversations.
  • Auto Responses During Campaigns: While running a campaign, an automated response can be sent to the contest winner(s) with the relevant information.
  • Auto Assignment To Users or Teams: If any user is asking a specific product/service-related query, then this ticket can be auto-assigned to the relevant team/department.
  • Language or Country-Based Automation: If any user is writing from a specific country or language, it can be auto-assigned to the respective department.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Google Business Messages is emerging as a powerful conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to:

  • Enhance customer service
  • Help increase conversions
  • Improve CSAT
  • Automate conversations
  • Reduce the load on other customer service channels

Using Konnect Insights, managing Google My Business reviews, be it through responding to the reviews or even publishing directly on these locations, becomes efficient. Customers are already successfully leveraging this feature to optimize time and resources for this important channel for customer experience.




Konnect Insights is an omnichannel suite. To this effect, the Survey feature adds profound value when it comes to marketing, customer experience, and analytics.

Be it evaluating customer service efforts, testing out a new product in the market, evaluating analysis gathered from other sources, getting ideas for the next campaign, or publishing a report, there are multiple use cases of how surveys can be used.

The CSAT survey is one of the highly used surveys in Konnect Insights as it enables brands to measure their customer satisfaction score after the resolution provided and also helps in measuring the agent’s performance.

The survey module easily complements other features in the platform and gives more flexibility to brands to go above and beyond their existing efforts, to delight customers.


Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Physical locations such as stores, branches, etc. are important touchpoints where customer feedback can be leveraged. Be it at the point of sale, at the ATM, or even in the washroom, the ability to collect and use feedback to better understand customers is really important for the omnichannel experience.

Brands that use Konnect Insights also leverage physical or offline touchpoints for a genuinely digital + physical (phygital) experience—the true sense of being an omnichannel brand—that ensures all touchpoints are covered in terms of listening, analyzing, and taking necessary actions.


Integrations with call centers, chatbots, CRMs

Integrations with call centers, chatbots, CRMs

Many brands have their own existing technology stack, but they work with these tools in silos. Be it the CRM to handle support tickets, call centers where inbound support calls are handled, or even more modern channels like conversational AI and chatbots to handle queries, multiple channels are working separately. It is necessary to unify all of this with other channels like social media and the web.

Here’s where Konnect Insights acts as the main product—a truly omnichannel platform that can unify all channels—social, web, emails, SMS, chatbots, and even physical locations.

Through seamless integrations with over 3000 software products, brands can connect their existing tools with Konnect Insights.

We’ve enabled brands to integrate their CRMs, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Freshdesk, etc., so they get a single view of the customers based on the tickets received in either system. Similarly, integrations with call center software such as Aircall, or chatbots such as Yellow.ai, can enable these tickets to flow into the platform. Analyzing this data with relevant KPIs becomes easy in Konnect Insights.

There are also integrations with marketing automation where contacts can be pushed to lists with those CRMs for campaigns. Further integrations with Slack, Dropbox, and Webex, help in better collaboration and productivity.


Let’s look at some of the highlights of the events we did in 2022

KIPL 2022

Konnect Insights Premier League 2022

The first season of the Konnect Insights Premier League took place on March 26–27, 2022. 

It was a two-day event with fun, networking, and sports. There were 12 teams, over 120 participants, and 40 matches spread over 2 days of unlimited fun, exciting networking, and cricket.

Here’s a look at the first-ever Konnect Insights Premier League (KIPL).

#WeKonnect 2022

#WeKonnect 2022

Isn’t providing excellent customer service the most important but elusive expectation of all organizations today? On the other hand, the pandemic problem has altered how customers connect with brands.

Customers are shifting away from traditional interactions and toward digital media platforms to explore digital experiences.  The hyper-digitalization tsunami compelled brands to rapidly transition to and emphasize digital channels.

Keeping all this in mind, Konnect Insights had its first-ever WeKonnect. The event was to felicitate the brands and agencies who have gone the extra mile in offering world-class CX to their customers. It was about celebrating excellence and learning from one another.

The event was held on 15 December 2022 we personalize attendees from over 80+ brands and 20+ agencies who came together on one platform to celebrate excellence in CX and also share their learnings, interact, and network. The event was partnered with Concentrix, Qoruz, Parahit, and Yellow.ai. There were sessions by Google My Business, panel discussions talking about the ‘4 Pillars of Unified Customer Experience Management’ and ‘Why Care is the New Marketing’. The event was a great way to end the year.

Check out this link to know more about the event:

Workcation in Goa 2022

Konnect Insights Workcation - Goa 2022

Team Konnect went to Goa for a fun workcation. This work trip aided the team in the following ways:

  • Travel without taking personal time off
  • Meet deadlines and keep work on track while exploring a new place
  • Reduce burnout and improve your work-life balance
  • Boost your productivity and jumpstart creativity
  • Recharge mentally and emotionally 
  • Return home refreshed and inspired 
  • Disconnect and explore during your downtime 
  • Reduce work stress and boost mental health  
  • Time to bond with the team

Upcoming features in 2023 in Konnect Insights

Identify customers irrespective of the channel they are on

One view of customer

Customers may reach out to the brand regarding their queries through whichever channel suits them the best. It may be via email, chat, or phone call. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, brands need to ensure that they serve customers to the highest degree, irrespective of the channel.

With Konnect Insights, you can track your customers and their online conversations, irrespective of the channel that they may reach out to. With unique identifiers such as a mobile number or email id, brands can pinpoint the customer, irrespective of the entry point. This will enable them to have a unified view of the customer and be able to respond and personalize experiences, to align with that customer’s needs, based on the insights.


Push messaging for campaigns

Push messaging for campaigns

The contacts are already captured in Konnect Insights with many attributes. Coming soon is our new Push Messaging feature, where brands can create contact lists based on filters or categories and push campaigns to them. This ensures that relevant communication is sent to the appropriate people without the need to export or import data to other tools or exit the platform.


Chat view

We will be launching the new “Chatview” within Konnect Insights. This will allow users to view tickets as a thread of chats (picture WhatsApp chats). The chat view will further enhance the user experience by giving them a holistic view of all the tickets coming from a platform.

Chat view of customer

KIPL 2023

Konnect Insights Premier League 2023

The second season of the Konnect Insights Premier League will be held on February 25–26, 2023. With a lot of demand, this time it’s going to be held on a larger scale and is expected to feature over 30 teams, and 60+ matches, with a 300+ audience, enjoying 2 full days of scintillating cricketing action while networking.


#WeKonnect 2023

#WeKonnect 2023

The year 2022 for Konnect Insights ended on a high note with #celebratingexcellence at the first edition of #WeKonnect

The second edition of #WeKonnect will happen in the last quarter of 2023, and brands and agencies will again come together to celebrate excellence and share experiences. 


That’s a wrap!

At this juncture, We would like to wish everyone a joyous and prosperous New Year. We will constantly strive to learn, excel and enable brands to become customer-centric, with a truly omnichannel platform to unify customer experience – Konnect Insights.

Konnect Insights Rewind 2022


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